Temperance Tarot Card: Unlocking Balance and Harmony in Life

The Temperance tarot card is a significant and powerful symbol within the Major Arcana, holding a unique place in the Tarot deck. It represents a delicate balance between the spiritual and material worlds, emphasizing the importance of moderation, patience, and purpose. Known for its rich symbolism, the Temperance card features a large, winged angel who embodies both masculine and feminine energies. This angel, clad in a light blue robe, signifies the human connection to the earth and natural law.

Understanding the Temperance tarot card involves examining its intricate meanings in various contexts, such as love, relationships, career, and finance. It is associated with harmony and equilibrium, acting as a reminder to embrace a balanced approach in all aspects of life. In this sense, the Temperance card serves as an invaluable guide through one’s personal journey, encouraging patience, self-healing and realignment when necessary.

Key Takeaways

  • The Temperance tarot card symbolizes balance, moderation, and patience in life
  • This Major Arcana card carries significant meanings in love, relationships, career, and finance
  • The message of Temperance encourages individuals to practice self-healing and realignment for personal growth

Origin and Symbolism of Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance Tarot Card, often numbered 14, is part of the 22 Major Arcana cards that are used both in game playing and in practices. The card represents balance, moderation, and calmness, as a figure is shown managing elements in harmony. In the artistic depiction of the card, the figure typically symbolizes the virtue of Temperance.

At the center of the card’s imagery, a winged angel stands, symbolizing spiritual guidance and protection. This angelic figure holds two cups, one containing and the other containing fire. The flowing water signifies emotions and intuition, while the fire represents passion and creativity. The angel masterfully combines these opposing elements, creating a sense of equilibrium.

The figure is often adorned with a gold crown, representing not only spiritual authority but also enlightenment and divine knowledge. The crown signifies the importance of balancing our spiritual and material needs to lead a harmonious life.

Moreover, Temperance teaches the idea that moderation is key to achieving a perfect balance. Neither too much water nor too much fire is beneficial, but a delicate combination of both results in a powerful force. This message is essential to understanding the card’s main lesson.

In summary, the Temperance Tarot Card is rich in symbolism, with its central winged angel, gold crown, and the harmonious blend of water and fire. It serves as a powerful reminder to maintain balance, moderation, and calmness in our lives to achieve greater purpose and meaning.

Understanding Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance tarot card is a significant card in the Major Arcana of tarot decks. Often numbered 14, it represents the virtue of balance, moderation, and control in one’s life. The card is an important pillar in an individual’s spiritual practice.

The card depicts a figure that embodies the virtue of Temperance, holding two cups, and mixing water between them. This visual element symbolizes the concept of alchemy, and the blending of opposites to create harmony. Alchemy is also connected to transformation, hinting at the need for personal growth and evolution to achieve inner balance.

Astrology plays a role in the Temperance card, as well. Sagittarius, a zodiac sign known for its adventurous spirit and pursuit of knowledge, is associated with the card. This pairing complements the theme of learning to balance one’s life, as the seeker of truth and wisdom that Sagittarius is often seeks new horizons while striving to maintain equilibrium in its life.

In terms of , the Temperance tarot card may indicate the importance of moderation in all aspects, from eating to exercise and emotional well-being. It serves as a prompt to listen to one’s body and soul, encouraging mindfulness and harmony between physical and spiritual health.

Finally, the lessons embedded in the Temperance card resonate with the essence of many spiritual practices. Inner balance is key to developing a deeper relationship with the self, and this card emphasizes self-control and moderation as essential tools for growth. The Temperance tarot card is a reminder that even in the midst of life’s chaos, finding equilibrium and harmony is possible, providing a solid foundation for personal and spiritual development.

Meanings of Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance is a significant tarot card that represents the concept of balance and the importance of harmony in various aspects of life. It signifies the merging of opposites, finding peace and tranquility, and maintaining steadiness in the face of change. Temperance teaches us patience, spirituality, and self-evaluation, as it encourages us to find the perfect balance in our emotions and actions.

In relationships, Temperance symbolizes developing a deep connection with a partner, fostering love and understanding. It advises individuals to approach their relationships with patience and perspective, allowing the bond to grow stronger over time. This card also highlights the importance of confidence when navigating the complexities of love, promoting a sense of security in one’s self and the relationship.

When it comes to personal growth, Temperance emphasizes healing and self-evaluation. Through examining one’s own behavior and patterns, individuals can identify imbalances, make necessary adjustments, and regain a sense of inner calm. This self-awareness leads to personal growth and fosters a healthy relationship with oneself and others.

Temperance also serves as a warning against extremes, as it advocates for maintaining equilibrium in all aspects of life. This encompasses both the physical and emotional realms, reminding individuals to avoid being overly indulgent or intensely restrained. By recognizing the importance of balance and moderation, one can achieve a state of inner peace and spiritual growth.

On a spiritual level, the Temperance card is about blending diverse elements and finding harmony. It symbolizes the synthesis of opposing energies and teaches us the significance of balance in our spiritual journey. Engaging in regular self-reflection and maintaining a steady approach to life’s challenges allow for spiritual growth and the development of a strong inner confidence.

In summary, the Temperance tarot card represents the importance of balance, patience, and harmony in various aspects of life. By embracing these qualities and seeking equilibrium in our relationships, emotions, and spiritual journeys, we can achieve a sense of tranquility and personal growth.

Position-Based Interpretations of Temperance


In the past position, the Temperance card suggests that the individual has experienced a period of harmony and balance. This may have included successful negotiations, making compromises, or finding a middle ground in challenging situations. They may have also developed a strong sense of self-control or patience during this time. This foundation now serves as a reminder of the importance of striving for equilibrium in all aspects of life.


When Temperance appears in the present position, it indicates that the individual is currently working towards finding balance in their life. This might involve incorporating moderation and compromise in various areas, such as relationships, work, or personal interests. It could also suggest that the individual is learning to integrate opposing forces or conflicting emotions within themselves. The skills they acquire in maintaining stability during the present phase can lead to long-lasting and rewarding results.


In the position, Temperance offers a positive and promising outlook. It points towards a period of harmony, balance, and tranquility that lies ahead. The individual may find themselves effectively navigating any challenges and maintaining equilibrium in their life. Fostering a strong sense of self-control and patience, they are likely to create an environment conducive to personal growth and well-being. Additionally, this card could also foreshadow the successful integration of different aspects or elements in the individual’s life, leading to greater unity and deeper understanding of themselves and their surroundings.

Temperance in Love and Relationships

Temperance, as a tarot card, plays a significant role in . This card represents balance, harmony, and moderation, all of which are essential elements in a healthy romantic partnership. When the Temperance card appears in a love reading, it signifies a need to approach matters of the heart with patience and understanding.

In the context of a relationship, Temperance encourages couples to maintain a balanced connection, giving equal importance to both partners’ needs and desires. It advises couples to be mindful of their emotions, fostering open communication and genuine understanding. The card also serves as a reminder for partners to be patient with each other and to work together in solving conflicts.

For individuals who are single, the Temperance card may be a signal to pause and reflect on their personal needs and desires in future romantic connections. It suggests taking time to understand oneself, nurturing self-love, and considering what kind of partner one would like to attract. Through this introspection, individuals can form a clearer idea of the kind of relationship they desire and learn how to manifest it.

In essence, the appearance of the Temperance card in a love and relationships context signifies the importance of emotional stability and balance. Whether you are single or in a , the wisdom of Temperance encourages self-reflection and open communication as keys to fostering a harmonious romantic connection.

Temperance in Career and Finance

The Temperance tarot card has significant implications in the areas of career and finance. As a symbol of balance and harmony, Temperance encourages individuals to find stability in their professional and financial lives.

In the context of career, the Temperance card might represent acting wisely and carefully when making decisions. This could involve choosing a job that aligns well with one’s values and interests rather than simply chasing a high salary. Pursuing your passion can often lead to greater success in the long run, as you’ll be more motivated to learn and grow in your chosen field.

In terms of finances, Temperance urges caution and moderation. This might involve habitually saving money, investing sensibly, and avoiding unnecessary debts. Financial stability is achieved by maintaining a balanced approach, considering both short-term and long-term goals. For instance, one might prioritize paying off high-interest loans while also setting aside money for retirement.

Temperance in career and finance also reinforces the importance of cooperation and collaboration. Fostering relationships with colleagues and business partners is crucial for achieving success in one’s profession. Mutual support and understanding can lead to a more harmonious and productive working environment.

Lastly, the Temperance card encourages adaptability and flexibility. In a constantly changing job market and economic climate, it’s essential to be open to new opportunities and willing to learn from challenges. By maintaining a balanced mindset and remaining receptive to change, individuals can better navigate their careers and financial situations, ultimately leading to greater overall satisfaction.

Reversed Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

When the Temperance tarot card appears in a reversed position, it points to an imbalance or discord in one’s life. The harmony normally associated with the upright Temperance card is disrupted, leading to a sense of disunion and impatience. The reversed meaning can serve as a warning to the seeker about the consequences of overindulgence, recklessness, and hastiness.

In the reversed position, Temperance indicates that there is a lack of balance and moderation in various aspects of life. This could manifest itself in unhealthy habits, emotional instability, or excessiveness in work or relationships. It’s important to recognize these imbalances and address them in order to restore harmony and peace.

One of the major challenges faced by individuals when Temperance is reversed is impatience. An inability to wait for the right moment leads to hasty decisions and actions, which may cause more harm than good. This impatience can also result in missed opportunities or unsatisfactory outcomes.

Another aspect of the reversed Temperance card is overindulgence. Whether it’s excessive eating, drinking, or spending, these indulgences can lead to negative consequences in the long run. Recognizing and acknowledging these tendencies is the first step towards regaining balance and control.

Recklessness is also a key theme of the reversed Temperance card. This can manifest as engaging in risky activities, ignoring potential warning signs, or failing to think things through before taking action. Such carelessness can result in unfortunate consequences and setbacks, so it is crucial to embrace foresight and cautiousness to prevent avoidable mishaps.

In summary, the reversed Temperance tarot card signifies a period of imbalance and discord, which may manifest in various ways like impatience, overindulgence, and recklessness. By addressing these issues and striving for balance and moderation, one can work towards restoring harmony in their life.

Temperance in Relation with Other Cards

Temperance and The Hierophant

The Temperance card, symbolizing balance and harmony, shares an interesting relationship with The card. , representing spiritual guidance and tradition, encourages us to seek wisdom from established sources. While Temperance focuses on finding balance within oneself, The Hierophant emphasizes external guidance to achieve inner harmony. In a tarot reading, the appearance of both cards suggests a need to combine personal equilibrium with the wisdom from outside influences, such as mentors or spiritual leaders, to achieve personal growth and understanding.

Temperance and The Star

When Temperance and The Star appear together in a reading, this pairing signifies the connection between inner balance and hope. The Star, a symbol of inspiration and light, illuminates the path forward, allowing individuals to follow their dreams with confidence. As Temperance encourages finding a harmonious balance in life, The Star provides the optimism and guidance needed to maintain that equilibrium, even in difficult times. In essence, these two cards complement each other, highlighting the importance of both inner balance and external guidance to help navigate through life’s challenges with positivity and assurance.

Tarot Reading with Temperance

The Temperance tarot card is a powerful symbol of balance and harmony in one’s life. When giving a tarot reading with this card, it represents the need for rest, reflection, and a reassessment of priorities. This card encourages a change in perspective and serves as a guiding force in understanding the balance that is essential for personal growth.

In a tarot reading, the presence of the Temperance card signifies the need for dedication to one’s own personal mission and higher learning. As a symbol of evolution and growth, the card emphasizes the importance of honing abilities and integrating opposing forces. This ultimately benefits the individual in their spiritual journey, leading to a more refined vision and a stronger connection to their inner wisdom.

In the realm of divination, the Temperance card is associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This connection highlights the themes of mastery and exploration as key elements in the card’s symbolism. Sagittarius energy can also represent an adventurous spirit, sometimes leading to gambling or risk-taking. However, when the Temperance card appears in a reading, it serves as a reminder to maintain balance and keep such impulses in check.

When tarot readers incorporate the Temperance card into their readings, they convey an important message of self-reflection and balance. The presence of this card is a gentle reminder that personal growth requires the integration of different aspects of our lives, and achieving mastery in any area calls for a deep understanding of our own energies and abilities.

Whether a reading features the Temperance card in isolation or as part of a larger layout, it constantly reminds us of the importance of balance and harmony in our lives. By embracing the essence of this Major Arcana card and applying its principles to our daily lives, we can usher in a period of personal evolution and spiritual growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the Temperance card in a tarot reading?

The Temperance card holds great significance in a tarot reading as it represents balance, harmony, and moderation. It indicates the need for self-control and the ability to blend opposing forces to create a harmonious outcome. This card often serves as a reminder to act with patience and calmness in various aspects of life.

How does Temperance relate to balance and harmony?

Temperance is closely related to balance and harmony as it symbolizes the need for equilibrium in one’s life. The card encourages individuals to find moderation in their actions and to avoid extremes. It also signifies the importance of harmonizing different aspects of life, such as emotions and thoughts, to achieve spiritual growth and inner peace.

What role does the angel in the Temperance card play?

The angel depicted in the Temperance card plays a crucial role in conveying the meaning of the card. The angel represents a higher, spiritual being who guides individuals to make wise decisions and maintain balance in their lives. The presence of the angel serves as a reminder of the divine connection within oneself and the need to trust in this guidance while navigating through life’s challenges.

How do the elements on the Temperance card symbolize its meaning?

Each element on the Temperance card carries a symbolic meaning that reflects its core message. The two cups held by the angel represent the blending of opposing forces, while the pouring of water between them symbolizes the flow of life and the need for moderation. The angel’s wings indicate spiritual guidance, and the path in the background implies the journey towards finding balance and harmony. Together, these elements depict the essence of the card and its significance in a tarot reading.

What role does the Temperance card hold in the major arcana?

The Temperance card is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards in tarot decks and is usually numbered 14. In the context of the Major Arcana, Temperance represents a transition phase, urging individuals to seek balance and moderation in order to evolve spiritually. It is one of the three Virtues, along with Justice and Strength, highlighting its importance in the journey towards personal growth and enlightenment.

How can the meanings of the Temperance card change in different tarot card spreads?

The meanings of the Temperance card can vary depending on its position in a tarot card spread and the surrounding cards. If it appears in an upright position, it may signify a need for balance and moderation in one’s life, whereas a reversed position could indicate imbalance and excess. The interpretations can also shift based on the context of the question asked during the reading and the overall theme of the spread. It is essential to consider the card’s relationship with other cards in the reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of its relevance at that moment.